Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Update - Carter USA sending MRP Parts Leads

I really appreciate the Carter parts department sending us leads this week. We've been selling a ton of GoKart and Buggy parts the last few weeks. When we can fill the orders we do our best. Many of the Diamo, Cubik, DD GY6 and other parts for their 150cc karts are exactly the same as the Carter units. We don't seem to have anything for the older models like the 90cc units, but when we can we have been able to help people and get a dealer to sell them the parts.

Now regarding SYM - we have imported some SYM Scooter parts, we have a ton since many of the SkyTeam Suppliers were the same as United Motors and other companies. Plus back in 2003 you will recall our former company was the original US importer for the SYM line so we have some of the 50cc parts in stock. Overall most dealers / consumers have been paying for shipping from Canada and Europe for parts.

We have a limited number of SYM maxi scooter parts, NO PLASTICS. Still we've gotten quite a few number of people back on the road.

Lance just sent out an email and you know my opinion on the whole thing ( TWO IMPORTERS DOESN'T WORK

Dear SYM Owners,

This letter is to announce that Alliance Powersports Inc, sister company to Lance Powersports, will be the new US West region distributor for SYM effective April 2011.

Alliance is proud to have the opportunity to represent SYM in the US and privileged to serve your needs. Continued customer and dealer support is our top priority and we are focused and determined to restore immediate support.

During this transition period, we are working closely with SYM manufacture to expedite all service related support. Warranty support has resumed and all parts orders are expedited to dealers nationwide. If you require any warranty service or parts related support, please contact your local authorized SYM dealer for assistance.

If you have difficulty finding a local SYM dealer or need further assistance, please contact us and we will be more than happy to further assist you:

We have also initiated construction on our new website:, which will showcase SYM scooters and provide news and updates. We anticipate our new website to be completed in or around July 2011.

Moving forward, we pledge to continue the path in supporting the scooter culture and scooter enthusiast by building a more focused, stronger and more service oriented SYM distribution in the US.

Thank you for your patients, understanding and support in SYM brand.

Alliance Powersports Inc.

The truth is SYM needs to get its head out of the water and just say if Lance is the importer or not. Dual territories never works.

Better yet, grow some cojones and do the Kymco thing. Open a subsidiary. Thats the only way for the US market to grow.

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