Thursday, April 14, 2011

More Investors are interested in Malaguti

Two more US investors known in the Motorcycle Industry have expressed interest in the Malaguti crisis in Italy( )

I get the calls and It's time to see who is serious.

Tomorrow in Bologna the senior managers, the owners, and the secretary for the Region are all meeting to decide the fate of the factory and its 170 works. If the Region extends the incentives to new investors especially the American ones this deal could happen. We'll know Monday if the Malaguti brothers move on to new greener pastures and new investors will be allowed to take over or if the Italian people lost another factory and brand due to inaction by its elected officials.

The best part of the news coming from Italy is that they are already announcing they will take whatever measures necessary to make sure the plants stay open. “La Provincia di Modena dovrebbe intervenire al piu’ presto" This is good news for the potential American investors. Now if someone would just pickup a phone in Italy this brand has a chance at surviving another 80 years.

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