Thursday, April 7, 2011

How to find parts on Google with the PDF Manuals

Finding Scooter Parts is easier than it sounds thanks to Google.

This customer needed OEM parts for his scooter, but didn't have a local dealer. He needed specific original brake pads so we went ahead with the following Steps.

Step 1.
Looked up the PDF repair manual

This is the best way. Look up the original factory manual. We have over 150 PDF files there

Step 2
We typed the part in Google. A bunch of MRP dealers will show up.

Thanks to the results over 30 Websites showed up.

Step 3
Call that dealer or place order online.

It's easy to find - watch.

A lot of dealers don't have the time to look up parts for you in the summer, or might not know what a Diamo is or an Italjet so our manuals will help you.

Use the manuals to look up the CPI or TNG part numbers and it will be easier for the dealer to order the parts.

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