Wednesday, April 13, 2011

The Miami Herald called asking about how scooter sales are affected

So a reporter for the Miami Herald just called the office. I'm juggling sales, import forms, consumers calling asking where a local dealer is or a repair shop and now the press.

It's great, feels like 2008 all over again. Investors are bound to follow, now is the time to invest in EV, Scooters, and Green concepts. Anything that saves Americans money and gets them from point A to point B. Parts are essential to this operation.

I predicted all this.

I mentioned this in the Motorcycle USA article last month.
It’s a wag the dog scenario, but does it work?

“It does. Hype brings media, hype brings investors. Media brings foot traffic and customers,” says Martin. “One of the biggest problems facing the industry is the dramatic drop in sales and dealers closing. Nobody had access to capital, it's boom or bust. So my advice to dealers: go crazy with stunts like that. If I ran a dealer I would blow up a car for the local TV station, dress up like an oil baron taking candy from kids, go on the local news driving an E-Scooter – whatever it takes to get attention to your little shop.”

Let's see how much of my quote actually makes it to print in the Miami Herald.

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