Tuesday, April 26, 2011

2011 Message from the Scooter Maven

This summer the industry is set to explode with sales. After two terrible years, the stores are coming back.

Two trends we see.

1. A repeat of the Chinese buying frenzy of 2008 with stores stocking more low end bikes instead of building the store destination.

2. Stores that were Chinese only that don't have any experience picking up Vespa, Genuine, and other brands that have had to buy back many of their GE units. These stores unless properly educated are doomed to failure, just like the car dealers, Arctic Cat shops, and investors who pushed Vespa sales in 2007-2009.

Education is the key.
Building up a destination is not pre-selling or selling from a catalog. We can help you make your store a profit center year round. More than just scooters, America needs to build destination points.

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