Wednesday, April 13, 2011

$4 gas is here to stay get ready

You have to love the CNN title today at "Drivers Brace Yourselves" pretty funny.

Reality is that gas at $4 is a reality in much of the country.

We're getting calls on a daily basis from dealers looking for TNG Scooter parts, CPI, Malaguti, Linhai, Lifan, Longbo, Roketa, SunL, and more. MRP has the largest Selection for Chinese & Asian Scooter Parts at wholesale only prices. So now that gas prices are up MRP is the place to call, because let's be honest nobody has the amount of parts we have, and I mean nobody.

When gas is at $3 nobody cares about fixing an old scooter, they go for $100 at the auction. Has anyone looked at the used vehicle index called Craigs list? Try getting a used Honda or Yamaha online. Impossible. They are all sold. Powersports Business is reporting used Motorcycles are up. From

2008 was 1.8
2009 was 2.9
2010 was 3.8

Sales at auctions are up 38%, used prices are up over 25% meaning dealers can't get lines of credit for new vehicles, but they are buying a ton of used ones. In that report you can estimate a good number are scooters. Why are the calls coming in? Well parts for all the GE bikes being liquidated from the auctions be it a Vespa store that closed or the 3,700 United Motors motorcycles and Scooters that now need Hyosung parts and UM parts where will they go? That's right Martin Racing performance.

Per CNN this morning:
There are now four U.S. states with gas prices above what many economists consider a 'tipping point' for consumers. Prices in California, Alaska and Hawaii have been above $4 a gallon for weeks.

I believe it see our video from Miami. Used bikes and used scooters are going up in value everyday now.

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