Friday, April 15, 2011

Good story over at Dealer News

Funny, I mentioned this on the blog yesterday. As the market heats up and gas prices go up you won't be able to find a scooter. The units at the auctions are going up, and pricing from China is going up as well. So if you can actually buy a two stroke like CPI get it now while you can. Even the old 2009 inventories are drying up.

I guess anyone who was desperate and liquidated their 2009 / 2008 inventories at a loss last year is really wishing they hadn't exported them now.

Check out Dealer News right now for the full article.

“Everybody’s scrambling looking for used bikes. There’s just no used bikes out there,” Roger Pageot, owner of RJ’s/RPM Motorcycle Service, told the Nashua Telegraph. “It looks like more people are holding onto their motorcycles due to the cost of the new ones.”

This, along with the current high demand for used motorcycles, means it’s harder and harder for dealers to get their hands on quality stock.

Gas prices going up means scooters will be a good investment. USED SCOOTERS = MORE PARTS = MRP

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