Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Big Dog Motorcycles The Industry Keeps Getting Smaller

Big Dog motorcycle production halted

Word is spreading over the internet that Big Dog Motorcycles is closing its doors. Blogger Cyril Huze is the first to report the company has been calling dealers to inform them that Big Dog Motorcycles is going under.

It's really sad. Just another sign of the motorcycle industry in general that the big custom market is now saturated and dead. What most of the industry seems to be missing is the real issue - PARTS. There is also the issue of warranty where anyone who financed the unit is now liable. Being that they were expensive bikes they are likely still to be financed by anyone who purchased one last year. From Motorcycle USA
Financing for big ticket items is almost non-existent and the hesitancy of consumers to put out that type of capital has put financial strains on the company.

Shame real shame as we watch the industry get smaller.

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