Monday, April 25, 2011

Free Gasoline and other promotion ideas for summer 2011

The season is upon us and the stories are starting to appear in the press.

Just taking a look at what's going on in the industry Kymco USA has shot the first salvo with free gas and no downpayment on a new scooter.

KYMCO $100 Gift Card will buy you about 25 gallons of gas.
At an estimated 85 MPG, that's practically a year's free gas!

Honda and Yamaha are both pushing low interest on scooter purchases, but no promos there. Seems they won't have sufficient supply for 2011 from what my dealers are telling me. This has nothing to do with the earthquake its just the fear of another 2009 that is keeping the home-base from oversupplying the US market.

As prices go up its up to the dealers to get the signs, banners, and free gas ideas out.

If I had a dealership I would match the Kymco offer, buy a scooter get a second gas card with your purchase. Make it something too good to pass up, $200 in free gas something like 15,000 miles in free gas!

Make a sign that says that and you'll see people stopping by the store.

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