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Chinese ATV parts support - Question

Question on Linhai ATVs and Support

From: ashley hefner
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comments: i was justing wanting to know why only dealers can get parts? I myself own a Linhai fourwheeler and cannot find any parts. I can also not get a manual for my four wheeler either. why is this?

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Dear Ashley,

Sounds like you have a Chinese brand support issue. In America as the brands expand we all expect Honda level support when we buy a Chinese unit. The only way to get that level of support is to buy a good brand like Honda or Kymco or have a REALLY good local dealer who will go the extra mile for you. If you buy a Baja or a unknown ATV brand this can happen. Because of this lack of support MRP does carry over 500 different SKUs for Linhai units.

Support is something lacking when it comes to Asian mainland branded ATVs so you have to pay for better support and usually that means the dealer. It doesn't sound like the distributor or factory will give you the support your looking for so again it all goes back to the local dealer.

I don't see a Linhai ATV users manual listed, but maybe Sunright or another importer have it. In many cases Chinese companies only have a basic ENGRISH manual that isn't very good anyways, you are better off buying a Generic HAYNES ATV manual that is written in standard English.

Also, I feel a local dealer who you should develop a relationship will be better for you than any manual. That's why MRP supports the dealers and we send all business back to the dealer base.

First question is who sold it to you?
Who is your dealer?
Do you have a local Linhai dealer? You should contact linhai in the US.

MRP is a third party parts supplier. Meaning we are not Linhai nor the Linhai importer, but we wholesale parts to stores. We don't sell direct for many reasons one being that we feel you get better service if you go to the store that can see the ATV and sold it to you. If you can visit a local shop they can assist you.

We put all the manuals we have under repair manuals. Try, or a dealer listed under our dealers list that can support you. they buy a lot from Linhai.

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