Monday, March 7, 2011

OIL TRADERS Partying Like it's 1999

It's no surprise whats really lifting the price of gasoline ( oil speculators ) but in all honesty we really need to get away from oil anyways so this whole mess is going to help us get real about EV vehicles, scooters, and alternative forms of transportation.

Great article on CNN today.

My eyes have been opened to the realities of this world, I never ever considered myself the most "green" of people, but as I've gotten older I've realized we are wasting the resources of the world. America in particular has squandered its wealth in order to maintain a way of life that is unsustainable.

We need green vehicles. We need better mass transportation. We need to encourage EV vehicles, scooters, and motorcycles as real forms of everyday transport. Asia does it, South America does it, and America needs to do it. Scooters are more than just toys.

I often check Craigs list and its sad when you see a Vespa from 2002 with 300 miles on it. That tells me it was someone's toy. Sad just plain sad. Ride that scooter, use it, if not give it to a poor college kid who will appreciate it. Scooters are more than toys and collectors items and if it takes $5 gasoline for people to wake up to that reality so be it. I welcome $5 gasoline for all the right reasons and I welcome it for all the wrong reasons as well. The point is once it is here we will become more self reliant as a nation and maybe more people will walk to the grocery store for a change.

Big traders are betting the ranch that oil prices will keep rising, testing the pain threshold of an economy that is not exactly setting records as is.

Scooter News March 7 2011
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