Monday, March 7, 2011

A copy of a copy of a copy

How do you know what's behind the smoke and mirrors? The only way to do it in this business is to get your hands dirty. I think I know more about suppliers and who makes what for who than some of the bosses at the companies running the US scene.

Seriously how many people at People at Piaggio have been to Zogshen or know who Jincheng is? My offices are next to Zongshen America in Miami.

This is a dirty job, but if you need Adly or CPI parts it's thanks to the work we are doing that dealers can still get parts when none are available.

MRP is hard at work integrating the resources of 22 suppliers from Asia including 7 seven different factories that supplied United Motors of America from Hyosung Motors to Zongshen. It's easier to integrate when your company has a history of consolidating the industry. The copy of the copy and the company behind the private label thats what we are experts in. So if you need parts more than likely your store needs MRP.

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