Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Mahindra of Italy in high level talks to take over Morini except Paulo might not like that

My boy in Bologna is telling me the Indian firm is interested, but will not pay the asking amount. Seems everyone wants a steal of a deal these days.

Leave it to the Italian ex-managers to ask for more than the company is actually worth.

The starting price is at 5.5 Million Euros.

For all that money, the buyer will get to use the appropriate intellectual property, assets, and equipment except previously assembled motorcycles, which will be sold separately.

The auction has been set for Moto Morini on the 13th of April.

Surprisingly half the possible worldwide buyers could care less since its when the Canton Show in China starts. Most scooter / motorcycle buyers head to Mecca during that time to see the latest from China or eventually Taitra in Taiwan. So why schedule something so important like an auction when any foreign buyer with real money will be in China?

Maybe an Italian family with high political connections to the media, TV, and the presidential office is still trying to get a deal after all? His name might still be Paulo Berlusconi.

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