Monday, March 7, 2011

Brand to Watch for 2011? CF-MOTO will rule the summer of 2011!

In case I didn't mention it after the Dealer Expo this year the company I was most impressed with was CF MOTO USA. A shakeup in management, the return of the California marketing manager Matt Clayton, and more Chinese investment means that 2011 is the year of CF MOTO.

Unlike most companies pulling back they are pushing forward. I just recently got a feeler for their plans and it looks big. I can't find a dealer that has the Z6 UTV in stock. There are hundreds of backorders.

They took big bite out of the bullet with aggressive pricing, which might have hurt in 2010, but they got rid of a lot of inventory. Meaning there are tons, yes tons of CF MOTO units now on the road meaning there is more brand awareness than ever before. More riders, equals more demand, equals more growth long term. They took the hard decisions many Italian companies wouldn't or weren't allowed to take by upper management and thankfully are not sitting on a warehouse full of 2008 units.

I've seen some Taiwanese importers that have had to buy back more than they can chew now, to the point where they had to borrow heavily and are on the brink of falling over, companies that over saturated the marketplace and didn't help dealers. CF MOTO had the courage to do what others wouldn't and now dealers are dying for more product.

It's understandable new units will cost more, but they built the demand, they built the name, and now people need accessories, upgrades, and service thanks to them building up the marketplace.

So if you need to watch anyone in 2011. Get ready to watch CF MOTO for they have all the right pieces in place for a good year.

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