Wednesday, March 9, 2011

If this continues expect a repeat of 2008 NO SCOOTERS IN STORES

I have a feeling we will be looking at a scooter market by April much like July of 2008 where people at to leave cash deposits for a scooter.

$4 gas is the issue that drives foot traffic to stores. Sad reality that we are a reactionary country and not one that sees scooters as transportation. Yes, majority of first people to run to the shops will be people looking to save money. Second wave will be everybody else as $4 gas becomes the norm. So RUN DON'T WALK ( you know like the song )

Companies like PIT Motors are selling out of certain models before they even have a chance to talk to new dealers. I can't even talk to my friends there because CPI Scooters are in such high demand there.

I tell dealers the same thing all day long on fast moving parts, PLACE YOUR ORDERS NOW. I keep getting these Just in Time requests for racing exhausts.

So stock up on the fast moving stuff. As gas goes getting quality scooters and quality parts. Stock Scooters now. This is like simple logic, most distributors work on projections and forecasting for three to four months. Nobody in the industry was placing orders in 2010 because they had terrible seasons well guess what now we are having a great 2011, so you need to be smart, get the gravy while its good.

Look I have 35 JOG Exhausts right now, I just got a shipment of Doppler in, You want racing parts stock up. Problem is you wait until June to place your 2011 order you wont get anything, Racing House Miami, Beach Scooters, any of the guys with real shops ( not working from a garage at home ) these guys are going to be stocking up. Real Stores stock parts and stock racing parts for the season.

If you want to make a profit in 2011, buy now, market your store, and get moving.

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