Tuesday, March 15, 2011

CF MOTO Z6 Could make you rich if you could get one.

So CF MOTO USA has one hell of a problem. These guys www.cfmoto-us.com would be the number 1 UTV company if the factory could actually get them product.

The waiting from some dealers has gone from months to more months on the Z6. Some dealers have four or five pre-sold. I get requests for anything for these units every single day and I can't even get my hands on one. Rationing doesn't work. What the new management needs to do is stop being scared and go into production.

I understand the hesitation. Having too much inventory of road vehicles ( scooters ) in 2009 - 2010 made a lot of people loose a lot of money. This is a totally different market segment and while scooter dealers might want the next bargain the UTV dealers will pay a premium for the Z6. There are waiting lists of people. For the price, accessories, and value its a much better deal than Honda or Polaris.

What is taking CF MOTO so long to realize this? Let's get with the program we need more Z6 units in America today.




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