Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Just In Time to affect Japanese Parts

I'm hearing rumors from dealers that some parts in the US Supply chain are starting to be affected. Even down in Mexico they are having issues since the factories have been closed and assembly lines have been shut or delayed that send parts from Japan.

Fortunately the T-Max is assembled in France so there should be plenty of scooter parts for the big sellers for the time being.

The Just in Time system isn't just at the dealership its from the factory to multiple assembly lines from Yamaha in Japan to assembly lines in Malaysia, Vietnam, Italy, France, Mexico, and in other countries. Factor in the distributors who also need parts and you have yourself a real problem if the factories don't start back up.

Dealer News is reporting today that Yamaha is suspending production, but no shortages exist. http://www.dealernews.com/dealernews/LATEST+NEWS/Yamaha-suspends-production-at-Japanese-plants/ArticleStandard/Article/detail/712147?contextCategoryId=48447

My friend in Mexico is saying that since things were slow due to the economy they have stocked less and less, but now when they need some parts they are hearing there are big delays in the chain. What will this do to the warranty laws in Italy that are extremely consumer sided if someone can't get their parts in time?

According to the article it's only a few days, but add in all the other issues like shipping issues and the industry could face a worldwide shortage before the summer.

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