Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Guided Tour of Scooter Super Store Museum Part 9 of tribute videos


The stores might be closed now and the bikes might be making the rounds of the GE, NDA, and Vespa liquidation lists, but the memory remains. I still think watching the stores get built up, the passion put into these shops were a highlight of my ten years in the Powersports Business.

The Scooter Super Stores did something that never done before. I can only imagine what Peter would have done with another 10 years. We might have actually seen a national chain selling EV and Gas powered scooters. Having more parts for scooters than anyone in stock at any given time his organization was ahead of its time.

I'm glad I've preserved on video as much as I could so I could share it with the dealers looking at what a destination a scooter shop could be.



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