Monday, February 21, 2011

Scooter Session was best class at Dealer Expo

Above is a short preview of the class. I will be posting this once I get a chance. So many couldn't attend it seems there is demand for another class which I am trying to get Scoot to do again. CF MOTO has already agreed to sponsor it because the new marketing manager Matt Clayton is probably one of the most forward thinking guys in the industry. So more on when that class will take place shortly. might be in Vegas soon.

So it turns out both days we had some of the highest numbers of dealers attending. In the audience we saw several industry people including Phil and his staff from Scooterworks - Genuine Scooters, Michael Lee from Piaggio, Doug from Tomos USA / Sym China, Ryan from BKD China, writers for the trades from MPN, Cycle Trend, SIMMS Marketing ( thanks Jon ) even Joe Delmont from Dealer News who wrote this great piece on the main page of Dealer

I just got five emails from dealers asking about the brands that are not supported by the industry and where can they get the list. Scoot Magazine has a great article and the list we will be sharing it with dealers.

It's funny because the night before I asked industry professionals and they told me they didn't know how many Diamos or CPIs were sold in the USA. The truth is very few people have these numbers and MRP caters to the orphaned brands. One of the main points of the class was a scooter is a scooter. Every scooter is someone's first scooter and they want parts just like everyone else. Yes, any company can get you some generic engine parts, but most of the time they don't have what makes the bike run and essentially we are not helping the dealers with what they need. That's where MRP steps in to help the dealers.

So if you never heard of GMI, SMY, FYM, Mondial, Strada, Vento, UM then you are missing out on repairs and helping people. The market for Genuine, Kymco, and Vespas are limited. Jonway sells more units in the USA than the Taiwanese companies combined, but get non of the publicity because it's not as glamourous. I used to be a scooter snob myself who only preached "Ride Italian, Ride Malaguti," but the truth is to stay in business if you can't beat them join them. Repairing everything is the key and the stores that don't listen end up closed. If you want to make money this summer, talk to the Scooter Maven.

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