Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Feedback from Dealer Expo 2011 Class

Been getting a lot of emails from the show.

One of the best was from Claude Nolen so far:

I really did enjoy the seminar you guys hosted. I told Josh (Josh Rogers from Scoot! Magazine) that I though it was interesting how on the first day when he asked "why do we sell scooters?" the reasons provided by the audience were really just profit oriented. On the second day when he asked that question, my buddy (Jeff from Maplewood Scooters in STL) started things off with "because we love scooters" and from then on it was a whole different vibe.

= I think was true, first day I was the rehearsal. We plan on doing this again pretty soon.


Josh brought me to tears. He's right about some stores needing to close. I cannot believe how many stores don't know the names of these brands. Overall A+ Mikey B

= Yup. He was good. He has more passion than most people and is a straight shooter. He's usually right about things so when I ask him for advice he'll tell me exactly how he feels about a subject and I tend to listen to him for that reason. On the stores closing I thought it was interesting to see most stores that attended had been open less than 3 years and didn't know who TNG, CPI, United Motors, Diamo, Italjet, Beta, Malaguti, or any of these brands were. Tells me we have a ton of uneducated dealers out there. How can you run a scooter shop and not know the market you cater to?

We have a group of dealers that think in modern terms ignoring all the main brands that outsell them. To stay in business that has to change.

"John -

The only problem with the service idea on cheap scooters is the repair bill can quickly exceed the money a customer is willing to pay to repair a cheap bike. If he paid $699 for the bike and the repair is going to cost 2/3 of that price you might get stuck with it. Unless your shop rate is $10/hour."

= The point was as New Scooters 4 Less pointed out on Day 2 is that you can buy cheap ( they said a student left one for $50 because he wouldn't pay for repairs ) and in the case of other dealers they use them for parts. So either way it's a win win for everyone.

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