Thursday, February 10, 2011

Ruesch UTV motor company closes

I know many dealers were buying from Ruesch Motor Company.

You might have met James at the Dealer Show two years ago. I originally endorsed the company, but I've had several consumers call our office looking for parts the last few days and telling us how they purchased vehicles that have no parts. Turns out the company is the latest victim of the economy. Sadly they did take several hundred thousand dollars from dealers for product never delivered from what I am reading online.

Ruesch Motor Company
5050 east 4th street
ontiaro California 91739
United States of America
Phone: 909-484-6064
Web Address:

We have some select CF MOTO parts for these and a few performance parts. The only thing I can suggest for the dealers that have closed is to contact the manufacturer in China. There's a new guy named Russel that will be helping dealers and consumers we are working with him and I will post the new website shortly.

So add this to the list of companies not going to the Dealer Expo this year. Sorry to be the bearer of bad news. MRP will be working closely with Russel and he seems like a stand up guy I hope this works out. I hate hearing about dealers who lost money to companies that don't deliver.

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