Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Best of Dealer Blogs and Info on where to buy parts for your scooter

Going into the dealer expo its hard to explain why in this day and age you need to be out there communicating with your clients. For the seminar I think its good to have people who can explain this on site, one of our guests is Mike the owner of Scootertronics.com - make sure to visit his site.

I tell dealers you need to have a blog, you need to tell preach about the sport. The great thing about this one dealer is that he reaches out to everyone.

One of the best blogs out there is Scootertronics. He's a rider, a shop owner, and competes with the big boys even if in my opinion half his suppliers undercut him and compete with him directly he still knocks them clean when it comes to sales because he knows what he's talking about. Better yet Mike is a real shop owner. He doesn't just sell parts without having a store, he's a one man machine.

You can call him to buy pretty much anything. He's got accounts and sells parts for every scooter out there on the market. If he doesn't have it he will help you find it from Shad, Stage 6, Koso, NCY, CF MOTO, MRP you name it if its a scooter part he will find it for you.

I hope more dealers can visit his site and use his example of how to promote yourself on the social scene.

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