Thursday, February 10, 2011

Awaiting Cultura...

So I keep reading about these new engines and the parts in these bikes.

Some of the specs look impressive compared to the other Chinese OEMs. So far top names from good manufacturers, plus aluminum DOT wheels, CST
tires. All quality components from what I see.
Some interesting bits of info including the 50cc motor w/ 2 whole kilowatts in power. All Mitsubishi belts ( one of my peeves is all the fake Gates, Powerlink, and Mitsubishi belts in China these have the real thing - See my videos on fake brand) Mikuni carbs ( again real not just stamped on there ), so far looks like all top shelf components. There are some cool things in the works.

Half of the brands won't be there at Dealer Expo that were there last year or the year before. The other half somehow got absorbed or consolidated by other players. The show is probably more about what is new and coming in with force to the market as well as who is missing. The missing brands might be missing for a reason.....

Will be interesting to see what parts we have for these scooters, what racing parts work on the new Liquid Cooled 50cc engines. Cultura looks interesting, something different, with different engines in a sea of Chinese brands with all the same engines and components.

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