Monday, February 14, 2011

Dark Blue Malaguti Yesterday Scooter on the way to work
This is a 2005 Dark Blue Yesterday scooter, I see the rider on the way to work every now and then. Great way to start the morning. He's had it for over 5 years, it looks brand new. If you have a Malaguti scooter we still import the parts for the US market you can find all the repair manuals and the parts for Malaguti scooters at check under repair manuals. We have every single Malaguti part available to us and if not in stock we can special order it for your dealer. To find out more about Malaguti visit

Malaguti is an amazing brand, but due to the slide of the dollar, and the rise of Malaguti product the company had to cease operations back in 2005 for the USA. They've been around since 1930 and they are still going strong in Italy, sadly in markets where scooters sell solely on price they cant compete. Also, Malaguti doesnt manufacture in Asia yet like Aprilia or Piaggio so its impossible for them to compete with less expensive models, its all still assembled in Bologna which is a huge factor right now. Back to the's an amazing bike, it was the best selling Malaguti model in the USA and has a cult following. We sold a ton of them. The whitewall tires and classic look have often been imitated but back in 1998 it was the first to hit the market with all these neat features and cool colors like beige, pink, baby blue....

Malaguti Yesterday Specs:
Single cylinder 2 stroke engine - 49,2 cc
Electric and kick-starter
Forced air cooling system
Automatic choke
Electronic ignition
Automatic transmission by V-belt speed variator
Automatic centrifugal dry clutch
Oval choke carburettor
Reed-valve intake direct the crankcase
Lubrification by automatic mixing pump with separate oil tank
Automatic vacuum fuel tap
High-resistance tubular steel frame
Big capacity petrol tank: 9 litres
Dry weigth: 79Kg.
max length 1700 mm
max height 1050 mm
max width 685 mm
seat height 765 mm
wheelbase 1168 mm

For parts you can visit our website and click on repair manuals. Click on find your nearest dealer and they can order the parts for you. the Malaguti Yesterday is no longer imported into the USA, but it remains the best selling Malaguti scooter in America. Loved by many it was the first of many new retro styled scooters to hit the market. Fantastic sales between 2000-2005 the Yesterday remains one of our favorite scooters.

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