Friday, February 4, 2011

Dealer Expo Scooter Session Class - Maintaining a Profitable Scooter Shop

Scooter Session
*Maintaining a Profitable Scooter Shop with J. Rogers

We invite all dealers to attend if you're new to the scooter world or just getting into it. Special guest speakers include Joel Martin "The Scooter Maven", some top US Scooter Dealers, Massimo Tartarinni of Italjet fame will be stopping by, plus a special mystery guest who is one of the top scooter designers on the market.

If you have a new dealership and are looking at scooters as one of your profit centers or want to find out more about how to sell them make sure to stop by the session.

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Dealer Show Workshops for New Scooter Dealers
Let's say you want to open a new scooter store or maybe you just decided now is the time to buy a store. You know the name "Vespa" and maybe Honda possibly a few others, but you don't know what the basics are. Well this year at the Expo we have organized a great workshop so that you can learn the difference between all the different brands, how to run / market a shop better, and techniques to stay profitable.

While I'll be at the MRP booth during the show, I will be making an appearance to help a good friend of ours over at Scoot Magazine.

New Workshop for Scooter Dealers presented by Dealer News Magazine ( hosted by Josh Rogers of Scoot Magazine.
With Special Guest speakers including Joel Martin aka "The Scooter Maven"

Located at Room 131
Friday, February 18
2:30 pm - 4:00 pm
Maintaining a Profitable Scooter Shop

Saturday, February 19
2:30 pm - 4:00 pm
Maintaining a Profitable Scooter Shop

Keep in mind stores these days must differentiate between homogeneous Chinese product, a saturated market where everyone favors discounts over quality, small dealers acting as vehicle importers, and a DOT/EPA that isn't afraid to crack a few heads to apply laws that have been on the books for years but never enforced especially on Chinese dealers. So buyer beware, learn from the advice of experts at this years Dealer Expo 2011.

In the meantime come meet with the parts specialists over at MRP!
We are now at booth 5379

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