Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Oil prices surge 6% on Facebook Unrest!

Oil prices have surged 6% today as more Middle East countries have taken down Facebook or as it is known in Saudi Arabia the great "Satan." Libya took down the internet and look what is happening. Didn't they learn from Egypt what happens when you can't watch Hulu?

It's funny this weekend at Dealer Expo I was telling dealers to watch out because the Scooter Armageddon was coming this summer. Companies liquidated all their scooters and parts and now sales will surge again. The roller-coaster of the American Scooter Industry is back again.

We should all cash out this summer because sales are starting to rise.

It's a shame it took an Arab revolution to accomplish all this, but I don't hear any Powersports Dealers complaining. The rise in the cost of gas will save the US scooter industry.

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