Saturday, February 12, 2011

A letter from California good way to start the day

One of our repair shop clients handled a lot of Tank bikes since they were near the warehouse before they closed. This client had a major hearing before the board for something that really wasn't their fault, they really believed they could get warranty parts on a new Tank bike. It took us only 10 emails of pictures back and forth but we miraculously found it. Nobody is perfect, we all try our best. The rider wasn't at fault, the store wasn't at fault, and honestly we weren't perfect either it took us 3 tries to get the guy back on the road, but we found the part and it was a happy ending. We saved the store from having to buy the bike back and loosing money when they were barely hanging on.

I do have to point out that the shop has made money by taking trade ins, selling used scooters, and repairing everything they can. However, new bikes you have to provide warranty and in states like California, Arizona, Texas Lemon Laws really protect the customers so you have to be very careful. Most distributors close up shop, but we still provide support even for bikes we imported back in 2000. We are also continuing support for brands that have left the market like United Motors so it's good to see someone get's what we do.

Johnny, thanks for all the support. We hope to see Mike the new service manager at Dealer Expo.


I won’t make it to the Indy this year. Last year I missed the booth because we only went for one day. Now I’m leaving the store.

Wanted to thank you for helping us with the trade in Malaguti issue we had in Sep without the new title we would never have sold the bike.

You kept me from loosing my job thanks to the letter you wrote on Tank scooters and finding the parts we needed for the DMV hearing. It was $2k in fines and solving that complaint kept the owner from going crazy on me for that piece of crap bike. Tank never had parts and left us out to dry with the lawsuit when they closed. I saw the article you wrote in the magazine about it and I knew it was about us.

The owner of the shop has been doing this for a decade and he will likely be selling the business if 2011 isn't much better, but we all appreciate what you did. The California economy has gone from bad to worse and people look for any reason to sue even on a cheap scooter. We carried several brands of Chinese scooters that have all left or shut down in Cali, nobody knows anything about all these names and companies that disappear the fact that you had parts for a 2005 Tank was a real game changer. This is my last week, I was lucky and found another job. Just keep doing what you’re doing. The new guy Mike has the MRP number on speed dial for the scooters. Keep Riding!

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Johnny Kasoulek
WSCC, California

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