Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Oil at $100 per barrel

Well it finally happened Gasoline is now above $100 a barrel thanks to Egyptian president Mubarak cutting off Twitter and Facebook. The lack of cell phone use is driving everyone insane as they can no longer send out text messages. Thanks to these massive protests which technically have not affected world production or consumption of oil has allowed traders once again to seize the day and make a quick buck.

That leaves the average American holding the bill as we head to the pump.

So today so we can expect gas to go up even further and by next week most Americans will feel it as gasoline prices go above $3.30 a gallon. What does it mean for the Powersports Industry? How will it affect the US Scooter and EV Scooter market?

Perfect timing as we go into the 2011 Dealer Expo.


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