Saturday, February 12, 2011

Is Mercedes-Benz eyeing two-wheelers finally?

I had heard this rumor before. This is the same trade magazine that also talked about the possible Malaguti/Ducati then the Mahindra possible buyout of Malaguti. This article also mentions what happened when Renault tried to make scooters. It's funny because Mahindra actually purchased the engineering design firm in Bologna down the street Engines Engineering SpA the company that designed the @ for Honda, several Yamahas, and helped with Italjet at one point. Still, this online magazine is always on the money.

Bologna is still in the news these days ever since China's Qianjiang Group Co. Ltd ( makers of Vento, Diamo, TNG, Yamati, BMI, GMI, and a big supplier of parts for scooters to other OEMs ) purchased Benelli back in 2005.

It doesn't surprise me that Mercedes might be looking at another European brand or snooping around to see what is happening over at Ducati. Audi and Mini want to get into electric scooters in the next two years. BMW is set to get back into scooters why not Mercedes?

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