Thursday, February 24, 2011

Scooter Session Dealer Expo 2011 Learning Experience Part 1-5

I will be uploading Josh Rogers part 1 of the presentation shortly. He talks about passion. He talks about drive, motivation, and love. People that want more than just a me-too shop. He talks about not spending time with the "Time Burglar" and making sure you can create a shop people want to hang out at.

I will upload those later. For now you have the Scooter Maven who will tell you where we have been, where are at, and where the market is headed in the next few months. Mark my words my predictions from 2010 are coming true. Our market is unsustainable. We cannot sell bikes for less than the cost of production. Consolidation is upon us.

Now gas is going up and a surge is likely to happen. How did we get here as a scooter industry? Why are dealers allowing parts and vehicle distributors to walk all over them? Sell direct? Destroying dealer margins left and right? What can we as dealers do about? Those are the topics the scooter maven covers in these three episodes.

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You say you sell scooters and you're wondering how you can survive, much less make a profit? Joel Martin has the answer for you. Sell repair service, repair service, repair service. That's the message Martin delivered to dealers Friday in a Learning Experience seminar, "Maintaining a Profitable Scooter Shop."

To learn more watch the following videos from the class:

Part 1

Part 2

Part 3

Part 4

Part 5

We will post Part 6 and 7 Shortly.

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