Monday, June 13, 2011

SYM still technically not in the USA

Back in April we got an email saying that SYM was back and that formerly Lance was the new distributor. No word from Carter.

Here at MRP we continue to get requests for Carter GoKart parts and several SYM scooters since we have a lot of parts for the 50cc and 100cc units. We did import the SYM line briefly in 2003 including the DD 50 and Jet Euro 50cc / 100cc models. Still nothing has really happened, last I checked Peirspeed turned down the offer of distributing the line and the same guys who sold me the line back in 2003 continue to email everybody who is anybody in the states.

So what is the deal, last I checked even the Alliance site isn't up yet.

We'll continue to do our best with the parts, but its just a sad situation.

MRP has a lot of Jet Euro and DD parts so if you need SYM Scooter parts contact your local MRP dealer. the source for SYM Scooter upgrades.

N-MP-09532C 70cc Kit 48mm Cylinder, Piston, Gaskets, Jet Euro 50 / RS 50 Big Bore Kit.
SKU: N-MP-09532C
N-MP-09532A 70cc Big Bore 48mm Head SKU: N-MP-09532A
SYM scooter upgrade by MRP
Works on Jet Euro 50 Air and RS 50 Air
Does not work on DD or Fiddle
To find a local dealer visit

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