Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Back to the Future with Honda Scooters

Honda plans on going back to the future with the new Motocompo. I love it, it looks badass, it probably won't sell thousands of units, but it would get a ton of people into the stores and many Americans would buy it for the cool retro factor.

The original Honda Motocompo appeared 30 years ago. It was launched in 1981 and was designed specifically so as to climb into the trunk of a new car model of Honda Fit – the smallest car brand.

The new version looks much more serious. It is frankly more than the original Motocompo. The whole idea of the principle remains the same – all the most well-knit, and all surfaces as smooth. The instrument panel is built into a box like the iPhone, which also made removable. Conventional petrol engine. Judging by the size of the machine, it should already be at least 125-cc four-stroke machine, rather than push-pull “fifty dollars”, what was the original Motocompo.
According to experts, the new scooter can be represented either by the Geneva Motor Show in early March, or at the Tokyo Motor Show in October.
I'm sure someone will grey market import these and we'll see them at a rally in 2012.
If the Motocompo comes to the USA you better believe MRP will try one out and develop some parts for it.

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