Friday, June 10, 2011

Most price based importers are too stupid to see the big picture when it comes to scooters

Like everything in life we keep lowering the standards. After a decade in the business I try not to answer people when I hear comments like "its Chinese but the same as a Honda" yeah your Kia is great, but you can't say it's the same as a BMW. Seriously, where do some of these importers come from?

I'm looking at their warranty policies and not only are they illegal in states like Arizona, Washington, and Texas they make no sense whatsoever.

I've heard a lot of complaints lately on how some warranty credits you can only use on co-op or on future orders, I get it, but at least those companies are trying. These Chinese importers now write the most ridiculous things that with a shoe store lawyer you could hand them their behind in court. Even better a nice consumer lawsuit with a defect would have them running for the hills.

Sorry 150cc Scooters are MOTOR VEHICLES in most states. I don't think most importers in California know what LEMON LAWS are, but they affect dealers, they affect importers and guess what they make lawyers rich since some of these Chinese importers don't bother reading them when selling in these states. California Carb and the CSB have a horrible record of enforcing the law when it comes to these things. Yes they stuck the owners of Roketa in jail a few months back, but they got out, settled for some cash since the state is broke and they continue to give people the same crappy warranty. You think anything has changed?

Ignorance of the law doesn't mean it doesn't apply to you.

I'm starting to think that the only way any change will happen is if more companies act like Scoot Magazine. If Dealer News, Powersports Business, Motorcycle Product News the remaining trades would report on who has real EPA certs, real insurance, and a real warranty before taking these ads for these companies. Let's hold them to the same standards as say Kymco.

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