Wednesday, June 8, 2011

New ZUMA 125cc Sliders are all the rage!

Our ZUMA 125cc Sliders are selling like Hot Cakes right now.

Priced under $19 they are the perfect gift for anyone wanting to go faster on their BW or Zuma 125cc.

We have the Adige sliders MSRP $28.99 as well in the ZUMA 125 size in Carbon made in Italy or SN Sliders from Taiwan.

D-SLIDER-20X12-12GR ZUMA 125

LINHAI ENGINES 260CC BW 125 ZUMA 125cc VINO 125cc HIGH PERFORMANCE VINO 125cc similar to sliders from Adige,Dr Pulley, XTC Linhai 260/300 Diamo 300cc WORKS ON: Linhai 260/300 Diamo 300cc / JCL MP0250A and JCL MP0250B LEONARDO 250 BENELLI VELVET 250 ITALJET JUPITER 125 ITALJET MILLENIUM 125 MALAGUTI MADISON 125 MALAGUTI MADISON 250 MBK DOODO 125 MBK SKYLINER 125 MBK SKYLINER 250 MBK THUNDER 125 YAMAHA MAJESTY 125 YAMAHA MAJESTY 250 2001 > ONWARDS YAMAHA MAJESTY 250 UPTO > 2001 YAMAHA MAXSTER 125 YAMAHA TEOS 125 YAMAHA X-MAX 250 BW 125 ZUMA 125cc VINO 125cc SN MRS SLIDERS SN? ?MRS ? MAXIMUM Ratio System? roller weights are a genuine revolution in the roller weight field. The nylon fiber rollers feature a unique shape that dramatically reduces wear and subsequent deviation of scooter performance. Expect better performance from your scooter, period. No matter what stage you are in upgrading your scooter, simply add SN SLIDER weights and you will see more speed and power in your bike! Over 20% longer lasting than traditional rollers of composite material. SN Sliders weights are the most advanced weights available. These sliding rollers perform better than standard round weights by allowing the variator to open farther for higher top speeds, and last longer with less performance material loss. The weights have several unique features such as their material containing nylon for better performance. Made ofnylon material Low Friction/Low Wear/High temperature resistance Aluminum compatible works with aftermarket KOSO, Malossi, Polini, NCY, MRP, POSH, DELTA, STAGE 6, ADIGE, DR PULLEY by UNION MATERIALS as well as SN and OEM Variators Fastest roller weights available The shape allows the roller to travel greater distances into the front pulley variator angle along the roller tunnel and enables the user to modify the low CVT ratio by +3% and high CVT ratio by +7%. The result is that the rider can expect enhanced speed and acceleration. SN? HRS rollers are available from 49cc to 800cc CVT combos. Contact your local dealer about an SN HRS UPGRADE TODAY! Also check out SN Variators and SN Clutches for even more performance!

Plus new Sliders for the 250cc Scooters as well!

New Sliders from MRP 23X18 Adige and Scooter Ninja We've added some great new items to the mrp website we like them all but were just going to go over them real quick. Adige Sliders Back ( made in Italy ) the original creator of the slider. Their carbon sliders are some of the best. Click here for the link SN Sliders with Aluminum for better heat displacement 23 X 18 great for takeoff Round Rollers MRP carries a full range of sliders 23 X 18 from different brands, round, cylindrical and sliders in nylon and carbon.

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