Thursday, June 16, 2011

Malaguti Parts Still available an update on the factory

MRP will continue to import and sell the Malaguti Scooter range of parts. Malaguti Spa has a new division called Malaguti ricambi which is a parts support company that will operate while the company continues to look for investors. The manuals and parts lists are still available at

So far the only word is that there are only 28 employees left in the new parts company. The fate of the 170 workers from the factory remains unclear.

The factory so far has refused American investors and it seems the plan involves exporting the molds to Asia and restarting the brand that way. Sounds like a huge mistkae which is what several Italian brands have done.

Garelli, Benelli, Italjet, all these brands continue to be sold in Italy but they are now made by ZNEN, Zongshen, CF MOTO, and Benzhou Group respectively. This more than likely is the trend for all of Europe as Piaggio Group has been lobbying hard to bail on the Derbi factory and more scooters get made in Asia. Already more Vespa's are made in Asia than in Europe. New models from Zongshen-Piaggio and Jincheng ( for Aprilia ) continue to imported into Italy.

Now Malaguti continues down the same path. So far the only Chinese partner that has been confirmed is CF MOTO. It will be interesting to see what happens when you have a new Italjet made by ( CF MOTO ) next to a new MALAGUTI made by (CF MOTO ) and the only difference is the exterior plastic. Not exactly the future I would see for an entire industry.

In the meantime Malaguti still has several thousand units it is looking to liquidate in the months to come

Malaguti founded in 1930 continues to service over 3,300 dealers in Italy and export parts. The future of Italian Manufacturing remains to be seen.

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