Thursday, June 16, 2011

Moto Morini Auction moved to next month

So a new lower price of about a million Euro less and Moto Morini is back up for grabs. reports that there are some interested parties including Hyosung Motors of Korea.

Nothing really new to report here, much like Malaguti this Italian brand has been in limbo for quite some time. The best part of the article is a Dr. John Bass a Milan investment manager trying to get a group of investors to navigate the waters of Italian auctions.

I doubt they are anything like an American auction. When my father and I found ourselves at the Diamo auction in 2009 things went by so fast that by the time we knew what was said we had purchased the company. Italian auctions seem to come with a little more red tape. 

I imagine someone can still pull this off or like all the Chinese factories they are waiting until it goes for cents on the Euro.

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