Thursday, June 16, 2011

Probably the best promotion I've seen in the business

This is probably the best promotion I have seen in the scooter industry in years. Hopefully, it will lead to a lot of interest in the scooter scene. Behind the scenes scooter riders have been talking about all the promos for this movie for the last few years. Anything that involves mainstream movies ( especially one where the scooter takes a prominent role ) leads to long term interest. Our country is not one that sees scooters as real transportation like in Italy or Spain, but gradually that can change if you had more mainstream media coverage. 

I have to give it to Genuine, their LA dealer, and to Tom Hanks for making it happen. Shame he drives a beat up old Yamaha in the movie, but it's part of the story so who can complain. The Genuine Scooter Co. is sponsoring a national campaign to promote the new Universal film "Larry Crowne" starring Tom Hanks and Julia Roberts.

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