Saturday, June 11, 2011

How to find Vento parts? How to find Zip, hurricane, Keeway, RX 50cc parts?

One common question we've been getting since Powersports Factory, Xtreme Scooters, and Vento USA are all out of business is where to get the scooter parts for the most common 50cc models they importer. Fortunately when MRP acquired Keeway Southeast aka Cubik we got tons and tons of these parts. Just in SKU figures alone we have more scooter parts than any other scooter parts distributor in the USA so if you need a QJ, Keeway, PSF, Andretti, Benelli, PartsforChinese Scooter by Qingjiang then MRP is your place to go for parts.

The common scooter sold as the Vento ZIP, RX50 by Yamati or Powersports Factory, also known as the Keeway Hurricane 50cc, or Xtreme Scooter Hurricane, Vento R3 is on our website.

The RX 50 manual for the plastics and body parts can be found at this link:

The engine and electrical part numbers can be found at:

Using these part numbers you can find them online or at our website by typing them in the search engine.

For example the most common oil seal for the ZIP is found as 15213G02F000 type this into the MRP search engine or online and several of our dealers bring up the part.
OIL SEAL 20 X 30 X 6 for the Zip, B08, RX8, RX50 models the most common Chinese oil seal. So to find parts use the OEM manuals.
The full list of manuals can be found at:

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