Thursday, June 16, 2011

A Real World Game Changer for the EV Electric Scooter Industry

Finally a real game changer. The one thing all the start-ups seeking Angel investors and hedge fund money were seeking. The Big Four finally enter the market with small displacement Electric units.

Honda is the only company that can make EVs happen. They are number one in the world for a reason. Regardless of any earthquakes or nuclear spills they are worldwide, they can change production from one factory to another in a week, they are the best in customer satisfaction, and when it comes to adapting to changing markets as my friend who happens to be their production manager says "we create the market."  Let's get something straight Honda is serious about EVs. They didn't buy Vectrix or license tech, they developed it themselves.

Did I mention Honda is number one in Italy and Spain the biggest markets for the small displacement scooters. If they can make these work there then other companies are going to invest. The Taiwanese are not far behind in their EV units, but Hondas specs surpass anything currently on the market. This should also give a good push toVW, Mini / BMW, and others looking at EVs.

BARCELONA - June 15, 2011: In the beautiful Spanish city that is literally abuzz with tens of thousands of two-wheeled motor vehicles Honda announced today that the EV-neo electric scooter will make its European debut. A Demonstration Programme in conjunction with Barcelona City Council will get underway in early July 2011. EV-neo is a battery electric scooter with zero in-use CO2 emissions. Representing a significant development in its EV European activities, Honda will provide Barcelona City Council with 18 EV-neos for the period of one year.

Montesa Honda, Barcelona City Council and RACC, Spain's leading Car Club will work together to carry out daily research and monitoring activities on the EV-neo’s usage in Barcelona. “We are delighted to bring Honda’s EV technology to Europe for the first time,” said Yukitoshi Fujisaka, President of Montesa Honda. “Testing the EV-neo in European conditions is an important step as we develop our EV activities.”
Alex Lucille Ramos, an American EV enthusiast who is planning a visit to Barcelona later this summer for a paella fact-finding tour, is hoping to participate in the Honda test. "I've been looking into buying a reliable electric scooter for some time. A Honda version would most probably meet my requirements," said Ms. Ramos after learning about the Honda announcement and watching the new promo video. "Yeah, Barcelona, paella, and riding around on a zippy eco friendly bike; that would be pretty groovy," she added.
A wide range of incentives exist for EVs in Barcelona and with motorcycles accounting for 30% of all vehicles in the city, Barcelona was an ideal location for this Demonstration Programme.

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