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2011 Update on brands we work with and the marketplace

Now a 2011 short update on many of the
manufacturers we get calls on:

MRP is a third party solutions provider. We are not the original importer for many of these brands we offer third party parts and in some cases original parts made by the companies that we acquired from other companies that have closed or by distributors.

Aprilia – owned by Piaggio Group. MRP carries a ton of parts compatible with Aprilia scooters. Keep in mind many of the original 2000-2004 Scarabeos, SR 50s, used the same suppliers as Malaguti scooters which we have a ton of parts for. From brake pads to carbs the original carbureted versions are the same as Malaguti. The AM6 engine on the RS50 is something we carry.

ADLY MOTO - Taiwanese brand. Formerly had offices in Texas which closed a few years back. MRP has a lot of OEM parts for both Scooters and ATVs since we purchased United Motors and some of their dealers. You can find these OEM and racing parts at the MRP website. Adly was selling to Dixie Sales, Lambretta USA, Hammerhead, United Motors and several other companies.

Yamaha / Honda / Suzuki we mostly focus on the replacement brand parts like NG Disk brakes and generic light bulbs, we carry a full line of racing upgrades for the Japanese brands.

Zongshen – MRP is a partner to Zongshen USA and we carry a ton of parts for them. We have more Zongshen ZMD parts than anyone. As of 2011 several importers of ZMD have closed including DEVON Motorcycles so MRP is the largest source of Zongshen parts in the USA at the moment since DEVON went out of business.

Hyosung - Hyosung North America has been in the USA for several years. Sold by Alpha Sports ( now closed ) Kasea Motorsports ( now closed ) and by United Motors ( Now closed ) some bikes are sold by ATK currently. MRP has a large selection of OEM and aftermarket Hyosung parts since acquiring United Motors of North America. You can find all the Hyosung parts on our website. Some faster moving parts we are importing directly from Hyosung suppliers.

United Motors of America aka UM, UM Scooters, United Motors. This company imported scooters and motorcycles into the United States for over 15 years. MRP has the full selection of parts that UM had in their warehouse since we purchased their assets. The company had more Hyosung OEM parts than anyone in North America. So if you need OEM Hyosung, UM, Wangye ( same a Mod or Baccio imported by UM ) then we have these. The company also imported CPI Scooters.

American Scooters (FL), Xtreme Scooters (IL) both distributors as of 2011 are now closed. Both imported QJ scooters now supported by MRP. We have all the Chinese scooter parts for these brands on the MRP website.

MuZ – Motorrad went out of business back in 2003. MRP has all the CPI parts for their scooters.

Cubik K aka Keeway Southeast. This was the Southeast distributor for QJ / Keeway China. MRP purchased all their assets in 2008. We have the full selection of parts for all the Keeway scooters from the Hurricane 50cc to the hard to find 150cc.

BZ – Benzhou Group sold to several importers and private label companies in the USA. MRP purchased one of their distributors in liquidation and we have many of their OEM parts.

QJ – This is a common term for Qiangjiang the company sold vehicles and continues to sell vehicles in the USA to several Chinese importers. Since 2007 over 9 of their distributors have closed including Xtreme, Diamo, Vento, TNG, among others. MRP has the largest selection of QJ parts in North America.

Vento USA – Out of business. MRP has the full selection of Vento parts from China using the same part numbers as the factory. More OEM Vento parts than anyone in North America from GY6 to the Jog Minarelli engine. Plus the hard to find QMB139 Vento versions.

Dinli has pulled out of the United States.  We are able to obtain some items from China, but this is uncommon. We recommend calling Peirspeed for any Dinli questions they have some inventory left.

Diamo USA – LS Motorsports - MRP has the parts for all the Diamo scooters, ATVs, UTVs, and Motorcycles.

Italjet America - MRP has the parts for all the 2007 Italjet scooters and some for the pre-2005 units.

Hammerhead parts:  MRP only does the aftermarket racing parts for this brand of kart. A few OEM parts are cross-compatible.

Carter Brothers: MRP only does the aftermarket racing parts for this brand of kart. A few OEM parts are cross-compatible.

SYM – Back in the Day MRP was Malaguti USA, we imported the first SYM Scooters in the USA. We only imported 3 models, so we are familiar with the line and dropped them. We still have some OEM parts for the DD50, Jet Euro, and other models since then we have added some more parts since Carter Brothers burned down and dealers keep looking for parts. We mostly offer SYM racing upgrades, but we do what we can to help the consumers, we get like twenty calls a day for parts for SYM.

Defunct Kart brands: Ken-bar, Brister's Design & Mfg. Co. Inc. aka BRISTERS, KenBar, Yerfdog, Kartco, KINT, Thunder Karts, USA Karts, Straight Line, Nitrous Go-Kart are ALL closed.  Some parts are compatible, but you need to track the internet for what is out there. The companies have been closed for some time. 

CPI USA – Went out of business in 2009. MRP has all the CPI scooter parts. Since then distribution has been picked up by PIT MOTORS. who are also the distributors for the HEIST by CCW one of the more popular bikes on the market. We have a close working relationship with the company and help them with parts for the new 2011 CPI units. If they can’t get you a part we will.

Kymco – We suggest calling KYMCO USA who happens to have the largest parts warehouse in the Americas for KYMCO parts, they have the highest degree of investment of any Asian brand in North America as of 2011 they fully own the US operation and from their US warehouse supply many distributors in Central and South America. No other Taiwanese company has the level of support or investment of Kymco they are number one in Taiwan exports, production, and branding. MRP carries a wide selection of Kymco aftermarket and racing parts. We also have a ton of stock parts that are cross compatible with Malaguti and several of the GoKart brands we carry parts for. Kymco sells engines to PGO Go Karts which we support and to several UTV makers in Asia.

Manco, was purchased by American Sportworks, American Sportworks The "new" Manco.  They sell karts they manufacture, as well as some they import from China. Some units like the UTVs are carried by Tractor Supply or Home Depot. We have some aftermarket parts for select MANCO products.

Baja Motorsports:  Mainly distributed by Pep Boys and other big box retailers. Owned by a tool company and the parts are outsourced by Gardner. The company does not have parts for any units that are several years old but sometimes parts are cross compatible such as Zongshen, Hammerhead, Kinroad etc… The original president of the company is the same person who started Yerf Dog. Rich Godfrey.

ACE GO KARTS – The Ace brand was the big box brand for Carter Brothers sometimes they were Kinroads or other brands with the ACE private label.

Malaguti Scooters. Made in Italy since 1930 its one of the last Italian brands. The company as of June 2011 is on hiatus in Italy but Malaguti ricambi continues to provide MRP with parts for the units. We have all the repair manuals available at and dealers /consumers can look up part numbers. We fully support the MRP line with both OEM and racing parts for all their models.

Benelli scooters. Imported under the marketing name “Andretti” a license of Mario Andretti the company was sold by Powersports Factory. MRP continues to support the brand and we have many OEM parts that work on Benelli / Andretti scooters.

Geely – One of the first Chinese companies to come into the market MRP has a full selection on Qinqi, Geely engine parts for sale.

Yamati – Yamati Scooters and PSF Scooters were imported by the now closed Powersports Factory. MRP has all these parts in stock and acquired them so we could help support the dealer base. If you need PSF parts MRP has them. All the manuals are up on our site.

Hammerhead Offroad aka "Twister” MRP offers a wide selection of upgrades and select performance parts. 

We also offer many parts for ADLY Scooters, ADLY ATVs, and some of the UTVs. ADLY USA Closed a few years back and Hammerhead picked up distribution. ADLY Taiwan also sells to QLINK, Lambretta USA.

JAG Powersports – This was a company in Texas headed by several managers from Dinli USA which eventually became CPI USA. Imported TGB of Taiwan, CPI, and some ETON product. MRP purchased all the JAG parts, we have a limited number of Reimtech ATV parts and JAG ATV parts in stock.
Dixie Sales – Is now officially out of the scooter business as of 2010. The ADLY Scooters and Linhai from Sunright were liquidated.

LINHAI – MRP carries a wide selection of OEM parts for LINHAI engines for both scooters and ATVs. We have the largest selection of racing parts for Linhai in the country.

Kinroad – Kinroad USA is now closed but a new importer has started importing them. MRP carries a wide assortment of parts and easily compatible OEM parts. Many of our dealers including continue to support the line and carry inventory of stock parts.

Murray:  Murray filed Chapter 11 bankruptcy protection in December, 2004.  Murray was purchased by the Briggs and Stratton Corporation and they quit the Kart business.

TNG Scooters – MRP has the full selection of TNG Scooter parts. If you need CMSI, TNG Scooter parts, then MRP has them all.

Piaggio / Vespa OEM: MRP has a limited number of OEM Piaggio Italy and Piaggio China parts in original packaging made by Piaggio Group. We mostly sell aftermarket racing products for these brands and third party replacement parts such as NG Disk Brakes. We have the full selection of disks and pads for their models.

Taiwan Brands Assorted: MRP has a limited number of OEM PGO, Eton, and Adly parts that come in SkyTeam packaging. This is a third party that does logistics for many companies in Taiwan.  We mostly sell aftermarket racing products for these brands and third party replacement parts such as NG Disk Brakes. We have the full selection of disks and pads for their models by PGO, Eton, and Adly.

Chinese Brands: 
Jonway - We have a great relationship with Jonway we work closely with them. We offer many racing parts for the JONWAY lineup.

PUMA, LANCE, BMS, - Several companies that imported ZNEN branded engines and scooters. MRP carries a wide selection of aftermarket and OEM parts for the ZNEN engines.

QLINK – This private label Taiwanese owned company has imported from CF MOTO, Zongshen, Adly, 
ZNEN and other Chinese companies. We carry a wide selection of upgrades for them.

New brands such as Tao Tao, Ice Bear, Motobravo, Wildfire, Roketa, SUNL now Massimo- these price point Chinese brands are new to the market and sell mostly on price. They don't do any consumer ads and largely market themselves to the low end dealers who are looking for price value, they don't market within the industry so far when we reach out to them to educate American dealers or consumers the response has not been a positive one. So when dealers call us there isn't much we can say except we have no experience with the price point brands. We keep trying to work with any brand, but it really comes down to management wanting to reach across the board and get product into the hands of fellow industry developers this is a very difficult thing to do with Chinese management if they don't understand the industry outside of volume price based sales. Great brands in the USA are made because of aftermarket relationships. Honda, Harley are great because thousands of companies make parts for them. Same applies to the scooter industry. Kymco is the largest of all Taiwanese brands because more companies also help promote them. More companies make accessories for them. This is something these companies haven't understood yet.

CF MOTO – One of the largest OEMs in Asia MRP is a partner provider of racing parts to CF MOTO USA. We have had a working relationship with the company from day one in America. We carry both stock and racing parts for their most popular models.

MRP has the targest selection of Chinese & Asian Scooter Parts. Scooter Parts & Accessories - America's Largest Selection - Vespa, Genuine, Kymco, Honda, Yamaha, Chinese only at Martin Racing Performance!

MRP is not an agent nor is it affiliated with the companies mentioned in its videos or website. The names of the brands are merely used to explain compatibility or the company that manufactured them. For example "for use on a Malaguti scooter or manufactured by Malaguti." That means the part is an original part made by Malaguti Spa of Italy and sold by MRP or is a part sold to be used on Malaguti vehicles made by another party, all Malaguti original parts come in the original Malaguti packaging and were not produced nor made by MRP. This applies to all the parts sold and distributed by MRP.

MRP is a third party solutions provider. All trademarks, logos, markings, are owned by their respective owners. Parts are sold as is where is and are manufactured by their respective OEM. MRP is not affiliated with Piaggio USA, Inc. or Piaggio & Co., S.p.A. Hyosung Motors America HMA, Diamo USA Inc, TNG Scooters CMSI, CPI Scooters, Malaguti Spa, United Motors of America, Keeway North America. All these names and trademarks belong to their respective owners. Bertoni licensed "Vespa eyewear" is sold and distributed in the USA by MRP. MRP is not affiliated with Piaggio USA, Inc. or Piaggio & Co., S.p.A. Vespa is a Registered Trademark of Piaggio & Co., S.p.A.

MRP is an outside channel "non-affiliated" distributor or parts. We are not the original maker nor manufacturer of the parts, we are re-sellers of these parts to third party channels.

In addition MRP has OEM manuals available for stores for TNG – CMSI Scooters, QJ, Benelli, Andretti, Cubik K, Powersports Factory, Vento, Diamo LS Motorsports, Italjet America, Malaguti Italian Scooters, Linhai, Pit Motorsports, MH, Xtreme Scooters, CPI Taiwan, CF MOTO, Daelim, Hyosung, Zongshen, Keeway private label units. There are also engine repair manuals, charts, information on tire sizes, spark plugs, and much more

MRP is a third party logistics supplier and solutions provider. We are in no way owned or affiliated with any of the above companies. We provide parts and keep people on the road. MRP is not affiliated with Piaggio USA, Inc. or Piaggio & Co., S.p.A. Vespa is a Registered Trademark of Piaggio & Co., S.p.A. All the names, brands, and trademarks belong to their respective owners.
MRP is the premier Chinese scooter & ATV parts wholesale dealer pricing center

The companies mentioned that have gone out of business or any assets obtained of said companies means that we only “Sell” their parts. We do not offer warranties or have anything to do with the sales of said vehicles.

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