Saturday, June 11, 2011

Make sure to Scoot To Amerivespa with Kymco USA

Kymco USA is doing it again with their Scoot to Amerivespa journey. This is where employees, riders, and dealers ( Plus some special guests ) get to drive from KYMCO USA HQ to Amerivespa.

Check out the video from last year.

For more on Amerivespa see below. Make sure to visit for more info on their trip.

As a Media Guest the Scooter Maven is scheduled to attend to cover the event for the industry. It's a great event that does bring mainstream media attention to scooters and like always leads to a really good time.

The last time I was in New Orleans I was helping rebuild houses with the Coca-Cola Scholars Foundation. A great time for everyone involved. We got to gut some houses, sleep in Churches, and just live it up back in 2007.

It will be nice to tour the city and see the changes since Katrina.

New Orleans has lots to offer. I have some fond memories of the city from Anne Rices house, to the Superbowl parties and later on to rebuilding after Katrina. It will be interesting to Scoot Around town and visit some Jazz clubs or try some of the restaurants that have rebuilt.

Some Scenes from Amerivespa 2010 last year

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