Friday, January 20, 2012 2012 Scooter Center!

If you need scooter parts for Dealer Expo 2012 go no further! We have it all!

Racing Air FiltersDEALER EXPO 2012
BOOTH 4166

Who is going to the Dealer Expo this year?
Email us and let us know. 

BOOTH 4166

Look for the NG Brake Disk and MRP Logo Booth 4166

This year our 11th year at Dealer Expo we will be 
Racing Air Filtersshowcasing all the new Best Selling Wave Disks for the ZUMA 125, KYMCO 250, KYMCO 500, GY6, APRILIA 500, and

Special stocking display incentives for those looking to sell the best in rotors NG.

2.75 X 21 CST Dirt Tires

130 X 90 X 15 Cruiser Tires

4.10 X 18 Dirt

4 X 18 Dirt MXRacing Air Filters

90 X 100 X16

70 X 100 X 19 Cross        
2.50X10 Dirt
4 X 18 Dirt
2.75 X 21 Dirt

Create a buzz in the shop with some of the most powerful upgrades you can display for QMB GY6 50cc scooters! Racing Air Filters

New GY6 half pulley for the 139QMB.

Racing Air Filters
139QMB Spring Driver another great racing upgrade you can display!

Racing Air Filters

We sent out an email last week on the real 100cc 139QMB kits. We've tested these cylinder upgrades and the coated pistons that come with them. 
We put them to the test against all the brand. 

They perform better than anything from Malossi and Polini. Plus they are a real upgrade not someone selling you a fake 50mm that isn't ported correctly and calling it a real 100cc kit. 

  The Naraku Power Racing cylinder (version 2) is the only cylinder available with a 52.4mm bore and it has the largest capacity among cylinders for the GY6 engines. 

 Racing Air Filters
New Naraku 70cc 139QMB CYlinder Kits and High Quality GY6 50cc pistons in stock. 

 Throttle upgrade for racing scooters

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