Friday, January 27, 2012

T-Mobile Should go bankrupt

I normally wouldn't blog about something like this, but after experiencing it myself I have to say consumers should leave T-mobile and go for any other company. I don't know if AT&T is much better or if they should have purchased T-mobile but the phone industry is much like the airline industry bloated and full of fees. They need to give better service and stop milking everyone for funds.

Top executives of the Deutsche Telekom should just leave the US market today. They made me jump over fire to reactivate my 90 year old grandfathers phone today plus charging him $20 to reactivate his line. CEO Philip Humm has replaced all humans with any power in his call centers with stooges who can only milk customers for service fees and in this case reactivation fees. 

Never seen such a terrible network. It's slow, it doesn't work, and to see them milk a 90 year old man for $20 is amazing. Shame T-mobile hasn't closed.

Soon as I get a chance I'm going to go get my grandfather a Metro PCS or Verizon phone next week.

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