Friday, January 13, 2012

Guido's blog shows us what happened in Europe

Guido's Blog  had the scoop today on European sales. Posting both scooter sales in the UK the easiest English speaking market to compare the US to as well as the world leader Italy.

The signs were pretty bad since in Italy scooters aren't sold by model year, but by model. So much of this inventory could be old 2010 and 2009 production or older imported units from other countries.

Sales of new motorized two-wheelers in Italy last year totaled 254,993 units, down 16.9% compared to 307,103 units retailed in 2010, says Confindustria ANCMA.
Scooter sales in 2011 totaled 172,030 units, down 19.4% compared to 213,495 units in 2010; motorcycle sales last year totaled 82,963 units, down 11.4% compared to 93,608 units in 2010.

If your a fan of industry data and need good reports you need to hire Guido for your next consulting project. He's good a data mining and knows the worldwide markets pretty well. Even in Italy 2011 was supposed to be the great recovery and it clearly shows it didn't happen.

On the good side if you read the data Kymco had two of the top ten spots plus both units are available for sale in the USA. The Agility 125 and the Downtown 300cc. Almost every unit is for sale in the USA except for the Yamaha Xmax 125 and the Honda SH125 ( we have the 150i version here) get more info at:


UK 2-Wheeler Sales Fall 2% in 2011

Sales of motorized two-wheelers in the United Kingdom last year totaled 93,849 units, down 2.2% compared to 95,922 units retailed in 2010, says the Motor Cycle Industry Association Ltd.
Sales of sub 50cc models in 2011 totaled 14,448 units, down a scant 0.5% compared to 14,523 units sold in 2010; sales of scooters larger than 50cc in engine size totaled 18,962 units, up 20.1% compared to 15,795 units in the prior year; and sales of new motorcycles in 2011 totaled 60,439 units, down compared to 65,604 units sold in 2010.


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