Tuesday, January 3, 2012

How to increase your business by 500%

Sending out mass letters to all the DUI tickets from New Years and revoked licenses can help increase your business by 500%. 

We start off the blog http://martinracingperformance.blogspot.com/ 
with some advice for the new year. This week is one of the most important weeks for scooter shops ( as is the first week every year ) you have people who just got pulled over for being an idiot and driving drunk and no longer have a license. Go after them! 

The saddest thing is that if you don't as a business owner another scooter store will. One of our clients has doubled his business every January every year doing this. They call, they send letters, and they know who to target. When they come in they have a FAQ sheet with the North Carolina laws already printed out and advice for how to get to / from work without being pulled over, what to show the police if stopped ( since they have no license ) a copy of the state statues. This is an easy sell for any shop a market you cannot go without marketing to in this economy. People don't want to loose their job, they need to go to the grocery store, and you have a duty to help your fellow citizen by keeping this person off the road if they are a bound to drive with a suspended license. 

If legal in your state get the list of people who just lost their license this past weekend. Send them a postcard, then a mailer, invite them into the shop, because many of them will attempt and continue to drive without a license until they get caught.

Once caught they will pay even more money in fines and possible jail time. A simple solution in most states is a 50cc scooter. It keeps other people safe, makes you money, and helps them avoid jail. People need to get to work and if this is a legal option then you need to pursue this market as a store owner.

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