Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Scooter Sales in Holland are dominated by Taiwan

Funny how this trend keeps happening worldwide. Kymco is now number 1 in Germany and in Italy it has surpassed Yamaha in sales for the number 3 spot.

While Holland turns out is a market the size of the USA. Check this article out:
The top three of best sold 45 km/h moped brands consists of Piaggio (4,552 or 20% market share), Kymco (3,239 or 14% market share) and SYM (2,162 or 11.6% market share). The top three of best sold 25 km/h models consists of again Piaggio (14,825 or 24.8% market share), SYM (7,145 or 11.9% market share) and Peugeot (4,654 or 7.8 % market share).

Some of the Peugeots are Qinqis from their joint venture in China and Piaggio is selling more and more China made models (as is SYM and Kymco with maindland assembled units) 

Unlike America which is dominated by Honda / Yamaha on official numbers the European trend is Kymco / SYM. An amazing difference considering a decade ago neither company was in the top twenty five brands in Europe.

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