Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Banks Close Another Local Business and I'm tired of it

We need to change what is happening in Florida with the Banks.
From the blog:

My favorite restaurant Smoke It just got shut down. This is like the 5th time a local joint gets killed and it has to stop.

I don't know why as Americans we can't force the banks to re-finance the small business community in South Florida. We need to give the local judges some power since the National Administration isn't taking action. Giving the Banks a massive bailout is like giving a crying kid a candy to shut them up, we've created a situation where when the next massive economic explosion happens Banks get a bailout but the local small business does not. It's unfair and against everything this country stood for.

My grandfather who lost everything in Cuba loves America because its a land where people respect the law. When the communist took over they took his convenience store. My aunt had a pharmacy and in the middle of the night they came and took all her inventory and possessions without due process. There was no judge, no law, nobody to protect them. Our government has been powerless to stop the banks as they ruin lives and take homes. I'm not saying people don't have debts they do, but we should work with them, we should work with the small business and help them stay afloat.

I never experienced Communism, but I have heard over the years time after they how they lost everything to people who showed up in trucks, rounded them up in the middle of the night, intimidated them and took away their livelihoods. They left Cuba with $5 in their pocket when they came to America.

In the past 4 years I've watched over 400 stores close in the Motorcycle Industry, something the press hates reporting about because they need to sell more magazines. I've watched some of the motorcycle magazines like Motorcycle Industry and Scoot Quarterly fold as print mags. It is a terrible thing, but worse is how we have allowed the banks to hijack the system and hijack due process and the rights of people in this country.

We let small banks close yet gave money to foreign banks and the biggest banks in the country. We have essentially given away all our power.

Something has to change, because you cannot have such a high proportion of unhappy people, injustice, and rampant perception of favoritism and corruption. It leads to revolutions.

I am not excusing what the Communists did in Cuba, they were wrong, but the other extreme is unforgiving Capitalism that plays favorites. Bank of America get's a bailout, but Bank of Miami a local banks gets shut down. Why? Who decides? Why was this fair? How was it even legal?

The system must change.

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