Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Lambretta Anyone?

I'm good friends with Massimo Tartarini of Italjet ( which has been trying to come back into the USA for some time now but that has been delayed due to our poor economic situation ) he visits Miami four or five times a year which is one of the reasons Miami is the best place to do business in the states when it comes to scooter distribution.

We've helped more than a few hundred dealers get generic belts, tires, cylinders for Italjet units that were abandoned when the original brand went bust. However, we would love to see it make a comeback.

His brother Alex is the mastermind around the resurgence of the Lambretta brand in Italy. Another brand we love to see make a comeback.

Vintage Lambretta lovers have hated the whole licensing of the name to anyone willing to pay. Including panning the Adly rebadged Lambrettas. Some of them were behind the CMSI - TNG Lambretta series that almost got made a few years back.

I actually think these new designs that Alex has put together continue the spirit of the brand. It would be interesting to see if they can find an importer to bring them to the USA eventually.

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