Monday, January 9, 2012

In Oz scooters can drive in the water and sales are up for 2011

Melbourne storms scooter

This great picture comes from down under where they will drive a scooter in the mud, rain, and even in a flood. Australia being an English speaking market leads to a lot of cross over with the USA. MRP sends daily shipments to OZ so its great to see the market growing. Some positive news in an English speaking market is good news.

 SCOOTERS and all-terrain motorbike sales grew in 2011, the Federal Chamber of Automotive Industries says.
Chamber CEO Ian Chalmers said an 18.4 per cent increase in all-terrain sales reflected rural economies recovering nationwide.
Mr Chalmers welcomed the figures along with those showing a 3 per cent overall growth in motorcycle sales with 109,067 new motorcycles, all-terrain vehicles (ATVs) and scooters delivered during 2011, an increase of 3226 compared to 2010.
The figures showed 22,428 ATVs were sold last year, up 18.4 per cent, while scooter sales were up 8.8 per cent with 11,374 scooters sold.
"(This) growth in scooter sales continues to highlight the popularity of these modes of personal transport as motorists seek to avoid high petrol prices and increasingly congested metropolitan roads," Mr Chalmers said.
Road bikes accounted for 38,628 sales, up 1.4 per cent, with Honda the number one brand.
Honda's CRF50F was the most popular single bike, followed by long-time favourite; the Honda CT110 model, sold almost exclusively to Australia Post as a delivery bike.

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