Friday, August 20, 2010

X50 Andretti 2009 Gas Tank Issue LEAKING GAS - Skoot Skate Shop Miami, F...

That's it I'm going to start calling people out on their scams in this industry:

This industry has no shame, why is there such a lack of ethics in this used car industry? Mario Andretti should be on the phone right now taking these people to town motor vehicles with his name on them leak gas. Glenn Russo is a thief and a liar and steals money from people and he is a former employee of Powersports Factory, all these shaddy characters around PSF.

I will by systematically calling people out. We are in a scooter industry where distributors spit in stores faces selling directly to the public and they take it like inmates in Oz. We have distributors going around other distributors to steal brands and not pay dealers warranties, we have distributors not honoring warranties is this what is has come down to?

PSF - Not Giving People warranties.

It gets worse the former employees are running their own scams:
I see former PSF employees running scams stealing money take this one:
People stealing money from small companies and NO FICO SCAMS

Now Chief Executive Officer
National Tax Credit Philadelphia
Avatar Financial Consultants, LLC
This guy has no Financial Licenses and goes around trying to work with people.

Debra Fraley a/ka/ Debra Day
a/k/a Debra White a/k/a Debbie D. White
and Marc Fraley
2970 E. Washington Ave
Gilbert, Arizona 85234
SS#: 601-26-XXXX
SS#: 527-59-XXXX

These people have no honor and what they do is steal from unsuspecting people on a daily basis and one way or another they are all connected by two degrees so I will call them out. Shame on you get the hell out of the industry for running your scams and stealing from stores.

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